Planter / Cultivator Combinations
with Big Bee Spring Tine Cultivators


Covington Planter with Wood Hopper Mounted on Big Bee One Row Cultivator
 The Big Bee 102 Cultivator is designed to accept the original Covington planter. The optional layoff foot is also designed to work with the Planter/Cultivator combination.
This one row combination offers the small gardener or truck farmer a planter that has been proven for over 100 years.
 2 Covington Planters with Wood Hoppers Mounted on a Big Bee 2 Row Spring Tine Cultivator
Planter  / Cultivator Combinations
with DH Stiff Shank Cultivators
 Covington Planter with Plastic Hopper Mounted on DH 1 Row Stiff Shank Cultivator
2 Covington Planters with Plastic Hoppers Mounted on a DH 2 Row Stiff Shank Cultivator
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