BHM Backhoes




Digging trenches for plumbing, draining and footings - Breaking up rocky soil - Channeling rainfall runoff -
Tree planting and relocating - Cleaning drains and dams


Self contained with PTO pump
Fixed boom
PTO driven
Rugged design
Padded seat
Safety belt
Individually controlled support legs
Narrow boom increases viewing area to the bucket and trench
Boom lock pins for transport
Joy stick style control console
Simple for one person to attach
Tough and reliable hydraulic arm
180° rotation
Flexibility on uneven surfaces


 PL-backhoe PL-backhoe2 


 Model  BHM95 BHM225
 HP Requirements  12-25 HP  45-60 HP
 3 Point Linkage Cat. I  Cat. I & II
 Weight with bucket  661 lbs. 1631 lbs.
Max digging depth (A) 37.5 in. 88.5 in.
Max digging radius (B) 90.5 in. 130 in.
Max digging height (C) 83 in. 136 in.
Max unloading height (D) 49 in. 90 in.
Stabilizer width 75 in. 98.5 in.
Swing angle for boom 180° 180°
Bucket turning angle 180° 180°
Bucket width (included) 12 in. 16 in.
Min. hydraulic flow required 4 gal./min. 6.6 gal./min.
Max. hydraulic flow allowed 6.6 gal./min. 10.5 gal./min.
Min. hydraulic PSI required 1885 PSI 1885 PSI
Max. hydraulic PSI allowed 2320 PSI 2320 PSI
Bucket digging force 1874 lbs. 3748 lbs.
Dipper arm digging force 1543 lbs. 2524 lbs.




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