Sitrex Haymaker Super -- HM300

The most complete universal Haymaker for crops. Excellent job in spreading, tedding or windrowing. High rate performance, very simple operation and study construction: all these qualities can be round in our Haymaker 300. Our Haymaker 300 is fitted with wide tires in order to improve ground adherence and obtain a better performance on rough terrains. Tines are positioned by centrifugal force and float at forage cut level to collect the whole crop. Spreading and tedding: evenly moving and spreading of hay. Raking: at high working speeds you will get a soft and loose swath and a precise windrow separation. Adjustable deflectors: to prevent losses on terrain boundaries.

Center dividing head provides even spreading which is necessary to avoid noxius masses of hay which might cause fermentation.

Deflectors are adjustable to allow spread turning of hay when they are wide open. They can be closed following working needs to obtain even and aerated windrow.


Technical Data 
Working Width: 119"
Transport Width: 91"
Height: 31"
2 Pneumatic Tires 15 x 6.00 - 6 ply
Rotors: 180 rpm
20 Double Teeth
Horsepower Requirements: 20 HP
Hitch Type: 3-point hitch
Weight: 726 lbs.


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